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Maximizing Your Skin Care From the Inside Out

     Skin is the largest organ that protects our body from external factors such as bacteria, chemicals, extreme temperatures. It prevents loss of moisture and dehydration and reduces harmful effects of UV radiation. It is full of nerve endings that help you feel heat, cold, painand be aware of the environment. Healthy skin enhances appearance, increases confidence and self-esteem for most individuals.

     There are a wide variety of cosmetical procedures, modern devices and external products such as creams, serums, moisturizers that help improve your skin appearance and function.

      However, one should not ignore the role of well-balanced diet as key for healthy skin.Taking supplements routinely will fill in diet gaps with faster and greater benefits.

         Later this year we are going to launch VYTAMARVEL skin rejuvenation formula, crafted by doctors to promote skin renewal, integrity, radiance and function. It will include multiple key ingredients scientifically selected based on individual benefits. For example, antioxidants (Grapeseed extract, vitamin C), structural molecules for replenishment (collagen, ceramides), vitamins and minerals involved in skin vital processes, CoQ10 that inhibits UVB-induced damage on skin cells, botanicals like Astaxanthin with proven support of healing and health promotion.

  This product is a must have for anyone who wants to attain healthier, younger looks. It can be combined with aesthetical procedures and external products.

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